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 5. Summaries, 17 November  30 November 2014

Week 9-10

Each class summarizes the answers received from other Learning Circle partners and post them to the wiki site.





Summary DA1, Lycée privé du Millénaire, Madagaskar


Hi fellows !


It has taken us so long to send you the summary of your answers. So, sorry ! Better late than never !

Well, here is the summary of all your answers to our question " How can you solve the problem of unemployment in the world ?" .

The main solution is to create a lot of working places all other the world, where people can have fun while doing the job. Besides, we also need to multilpy the training professional schools to get competent young workers later. Having skills and ambition is also needed.


Thank you for sharing your ideas.


Best wishes.













Summary DA2, Lycée de Japoma, Cameroon


Having come to the of this session, we realized that, what we initially set out to find out from our circle friends turned out to be more interesting and enriching than we thought. We sought to find out about your dreams and ambitions.


         Our question was broken down into four sub questions. We wanted to know what your dreams were when you were younger than now, and if you have been able to achieve them. We also sought to know how your dreams and ambitions would be beneficial to the society and to only you, and if your parents could influence your dreams and ambitions.


        From the responses we got from the circle friends, we realized that most of us (young people), had positive dreams and looked at life in a fairy manner. Most of us dreamed of living a problem free world, where we would have good jobs and work as doctors, lawyers, teachers, bankers, etc. we came to realize that, our thoughts, dreams and ambitions are similar to that of youths all over the world, especially our circle friends from Romania, Madagascar, Macedonia, Ukraine and Hungary.


        Our circle friends from Liceul Teoritic “Nicolae Lorga”, Romania, made us become aware of the fact that it is important to dream to become good people, and as such, one would help not only oneself but other people as well as plants and animals. This is really amazing because, usually our dreams and ambitions are focused on oneself. Our dreams and ambitions, therefore, should be geared toward improving ourselves and the society as a whole.


        We were glad to notice that, all the youths in this session have similar impressions. They all talked of lending a helping hand to their societies or communities, through the type of profession or job they would be involved in later. Our focus is therefore the society and the self, and not only the self.


        It is still too early to completely say that our dreams have not been achieved yet, since we are still in school. But from what our circle friends said, we affirm that as one grows older, one becomes more mature and exposed. One moves from that “wonderland” and actually faces the realities of life. It is true that, we have greatly deviated from our dreams as infants. At this point in our lives we seem to be working toward achieving our dreams. The subject we choose today should be related somehow to our future careers.


          Globally, we realized that most of us are influenced by our parents, thereby influencing our dreams and ambitions. This influence could be positive or negative. We were impressed to find out that just as in our case, most of our circle participants also looked up to their parents as their role models, their guides and mentors. It is good to seek the advice of our parents in most decisions we will want to take. This is because they have passed through similar or same stages in life; they are better placed to tell us about their experiences.


             On the whole, it was quite educative and exciting to find out that one does not only have to dream, but one has to dream and make enormous effort to realize the dreams.



Summary DA3, National College “B.P.Hasdeu”, Romania


First of all, I want to thank you for all of your answers.

1. On this question, opinios are divided. On the one hand it is good to left your childish dreams and to grow up, but as someone answered: A dream, an ambition can make you carry mountains, walk through fire or slay our darkest demons from childhood.

2. After I read each answer, I come to the following conclusion: it is not easy to fulfill your dreams, for that you need ambition and supprt from your family and I will add a little rabbit's foot for good luck.

3. Everyone has their own dreams. We all want to get somewhere, or to be  someone, but with all these different dreams, we have something in common: we will fight for what we want.

4. When we were five years old some of us dreamed of speaking many languages in future, being great and amazing sports star, being doctors, others thought of becoming a director of the toy-shop. But today, our dreams and ambitions have greatly changed.




Summary DA4, SOU „Gosho Vikentiev“ - Kochani, Macedonia


Hey guys a big thanks to all of you that answered our questions. It was our pleasure to meet you all . So here is what we have summarized from your answers:

I agree with you about everything, and also i hope so that you can live your dreams. It's all about what you want to do, and if want it you can always do it! And I just wanna say that I also dream about wonderful career filled with love, joy and happiness. All of you do have truly ambitions, which are more than possible to realize because as i said if you want it you can do it no matter what. And about your dreams when you were 6 as first HAHAHA, then ok it is funny because I can understand you. Doctor, teacher,pilot, policeman, firefighter, singer, actor etc. everything is good but, yes we were only 6 years so we couldn't know what we want in life so it is great for our imagination.

That's it, again thank you for answering and hope that we have helped you with figuring out about your figure.









DA5, Colegiul Economic Buzau, Romania, teachers Andrei Elena, Piciorea Ecaterina


Our questions: 1) Which were your first dreams in childhood? 2) What made you choose them? 3) How hard did you work for those dreams? 4) Did they come true or are you still working hard for them? 5) How advantageous are those dreams for you?


DA1group from Madagascar answers that their dreams in childhood were to become a famous singer, a model, a dancer, a journalist, an engineer. Those dreams were all in their childhood, but they don’t think about them anymore. They are grown-up now and they think of other dreams and ambitions, those which are about their future. They have to work very hard to achieve them.


DA2 team from Cameroon tells that their first childhood dreams were influenced by their immediate environment. Some of them wanted to become doctors, pilots, football stars and they chose these professions because of what they experienced as children. For example, some of them were always dazzled when they saw planes flying and therefore sought to know more about planes. Most of them lived with their grandparents, who were frequently sick. So they wanted to become doctors so that they could treat them.But as they were growing up, their talents in school were not directed towards their childhood dreams anymore. They therefore decided to focus their attention on what they could easily achieve, rather than force a dream that was not theirs anymore.


DA3 team from Romania tells that in childhood they dreamed to become mathematicians, as they liked math and its logic. They did a lot of exercises and participated in various competitions and they are still working for that dream. This dream is very advantageous, because it helps them at school and develops their logical thinking.


DA4 team’s speaker from Macedonia doesn't really know which his first dream in childhood was, maybe to have an older brother. He was asking his parents to buy him one, and yes, after 11 and half years, they did buy him one. He didn’t work really hard :D for that dream. There was nothing that he could do. The dream came true 6 years ago.


DA6 team from Romania tells that usually, children's dreams are to become famous and have a lot of money. The team hasn't given up on their first childhood dreams. Well, as they grew up, they realized that they have to work for their dreams to become true, and they are still working hard in order to realize their dreams. Their dreams are very advantageous, they give them a purpose in life, they motivate them to keep working harder and harder to realize them, they make them want to keep going and they always remind them of the great rewards that await for them if we they get the job done.


DA7 team’s speaker from Macedonia says that his first dream in childhood was to become a lawyer or a judge, as he liked justice for all people in the world. He is still working for that dream, which is very advantageous because it helps him at school and develops his way for his future.


DA8 team from Ukraine says their first dreams were connected with Santa Clause, his presents and the magic of this holiday. Their dreams have grown with them. They became older and their ambitions became more serious and real. Now they're in the process of preparation to enter institutes and universities, which demands great work and study. In 6 months they'll try to enter universities and continue to create their future.


DA9 from Hungary tell that they just play with their toys, wait for Christmas, Santa Claus, beacuse they know they will get some nice toys such as a new car or a new teddy. Boys love cars, girls love Barbies. In time they will have more and more things to do and parents will also tell them what to do or not to do. Hungarian kids are dreaming about school when they are very young. If they learn enough, they can go to secondary school. Secondary school is such a fun with a lot of new friends.


Summary DA6, Liceul Teoretic ”Nicolae Iorga”, Romania


   Hello GTP friends,

   We enjoyed very much your answers, they are pretty good and interesting. We learnd a lot of interesting things from your answers and your opinions, because all of them are right. The wrong answer doesn't exist. That's the most special thing in this project, to see what the others opinios are. And we find that. Thank you very much!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Best wishes,






Summary DA7, SOEPTU”Kuzman Josifoski – Pitu”, Macedonia




Hello GTP friends,



From the research and answers we get that educational system in different countries is different but good enough to get a good job. Only in Macedonia is not good. So, everywhere if you want to get a good job and to have successful career you have to study hard and finish high school, also faculty. Your life depends of your education and results from that. Be responsible person and believe in yourself to reach what you want.

From your answers and we are very pleased, given that your educational systems are very good because you have good high schools, universities, and your state allows you to distinguish it from other countries. Good is that you must work very hard to achieve your dreams and ambitions. Also good is that your teachers and professors try to teach and encourage your dreams and ambitions.


Best wishes,





Summary DA8, Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine

Dear partners, thank you for your answers. We have read them with  great interest.


1.  If pupils had a chance to study abroad, they would choose the USA, because of developed technologies and high level of education, England, because this country fits any expectations (good education, good labour market, recognition of the diploma all over the world), Germany. But not all have such possibilities.


2. To achieve a dream pupils are ready for everything:

     - to work hard,

     - to believe in your forces,

     - to overcome all difficulties,

     - to  learn more.


 3.  Everybody agrees with the Bennett's quatation. 


If you have a dream and you haven’t done anything for it to come true, you have to dream for nothing. You have to work for your dreams to come true, to be happy and to prove yourself and to everybody that you can do everything to make that dream possible.



Summary DA9, Delfin Tini Netklub, Hungary








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