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 3. Questions, 06 October – 19 October 2014

Week 2-3

Each class formulates a question on their Learning Circle theme according to criteria for quality research sponsored question.




DA1, Lycée privé du Millénaire, Madagaskar, Question:


Dear other participants of GTP,

today we discussed about a question concerning the dreams and amitions in our world. And we would like to know what you think about the following question:


"How can we solve the problem of unemployment in this world?"




DA2, Lycée de Japoma, Cameroon, Question:


Hi, Circle Friends, we would like to find out the following from you:

1-      What where your dreams when you were younger than now?

2-      Have you been able to achieve them?

3-      Would your dreams and ambitions beneficial to the society or to yourself?

4-      Can your parents influence your dreams and ambitions?



DA3, National College “B.P.Hasdeu”, Romania, Question:


We have some questions for you:

     1."The child has grown to weave his magic

        Left behind

        His life of sorrow, once so tragic". Do you think that you're ready to left your ideas, your dreams, flow from your heart and share this spark of sanity with the cruel humanity? 

     2. In what way do you think that it may get easier to fulfill dreams and ambitions?

     3. Which is your biggest dream?

     4. Which was the biggest dream of yours when you were 5 years old?



DA4, SOU „Gosho Vikentiev“ - Kochani, Macedonia, Question:

Hey guys, we want to know something bout you so here are our questions:

     1.As a teenager I know that all of you dream about something, so what do you dream about your future?

     2.What are your ambitions for 10 years from now?

     3.What were they when you were 6?





DA5, Colegiul Economic Buzau, Romania, Question:


1) Which were your first dreams in childhood? 2) What made you choose them? 3) How hard did you work for those dreams? 4) Did they come true or are you still working hard for them? 5) How advantageous are those dreams for you?


DA6, Liceul Teoretic ”Nicolae Iorga”, Romania, Question:


 What are dreams and ambitions? We mean the world isn't a wish granting factory. Don't wish for something, but work for it. If you don't work for what you want, that thing can only be a dream, it cannot be reality. We must be ambitious and original. We must think and act. We only live once! (unless we are wizards)... but we must change your dreams. If we want something, we must fight for it. Our amazing life is in our hands. Never lose hope, never stop dreaming or acting. Don't listen to people telling you what to do. Follow your dreams, not the people. Somebody say that you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. We are all dreamers.

Our question is: Do you think that dreams need money or time to become reality?


Best wishes,






DA7, SOEPTU”Kuzman Josifoski – Pitu”, Macedonia, Question:


Hello, Circle Friends, we would like to know what you think about the following question:



How does your educational system prepare you to realize your dreams in your country/state? Do you think you are prepared enough? If yes, explain what is good and adequate. If not, explain what else is needed! Maybe it is different for different branches! Tell us what you think are the most prepared graduates and why.



Best wishes,






DA8, Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine, Question:


1. If you have a chance to get your education abroad, what country will you choose and why?

2. What are you ready for if you have a dream?

3. B.Bennett said: "A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievements". Do you agree with these words? Share your ideas.




DA9, Delfin Tini Netklub, Hungary, Question:


What girls dream husband? 

What guys dream wife? 

Dream of young people in your country of love and marriage or a career is important?









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