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Page history last edited by Mimoza Mijoska 9 years, 6 months ago

 6. Closing, 01 December – 07 December 2014

Week 11

Complete evaluation forms and post goodbye message to the wiki sites. Official closing of the Learning Circles by the goodbye message of facilitator.Students and Teachers Survey





Goodbye Messages DA1, Lycée privé du Millénaire, Madagaskar


It was a pleasure for us to participate in the Global Teenegar Project. Thank you for sharing your ideas about your dreams and ambitions.

It insipred as to continue believing in our dreams and to do everything we can to fullfill them. We hope that we will participate again


All our love and Good bye

The first class of Lycee Millenaire


Goodbye Messages DA2, Lycée de Japoma, Cameroon


Students’ Goodbye Letter

Hi circle friends,

        We are very happy to have been part of this September session. We are extremely glad to have worked with you, to have shared your ideas and experiences with us. We hope that you were also happy to have known us. We extend to all a very good Christmas season and a prosperous New Year 2015. May God bless you and your respective families.  We have been.







Teacher’s Goodbye Letter

Dear circle friends,

         Once more we have come to the end of this session. It was a good experience as usual to share our ideas and experiences. It has really been fun and enriching sharing with you and your students. Wish you the best this Christmas season and a wonderful year 2015.

                                                                                             With love



Goodbye Messages DA3, National College “B.P.Hasdeu”, Romania,

 It was a great experience to be part of this project. We are so happy beacuse you shared your opinions about dreams ambitions with us and we would like to have another preject with you.

Good bye!




Goodbye Messages DA4, SOU „Gosho Vikentiev“ - Kochani, Macedonia

student's letter


 It was a great experience to be part of this project. We are so happy because you shared your opinions about dreams ambitions with us and we would like to have another project with you.

  We thank everybody for the given answers from which we had a lot to learn.

     We look forward to working again with you. Have a nice holiday!


Teacher's letter


I think that this was a great year. My students tried hard to do all the tasks and they did their best to give good answers.

This project improves their English and their computer skills and makes them work better in a team.

What is really great about this project is that the students get to communicate with others from very far away, from countries they have never visited.

We like it!

Have a good holiday!






Goodbye Messages DA5, Colegiul Economic Buzau, Romania, teachers Andrei Elena, Piciorea Ecaterina


Dear GTP participants,


Everything has an end and it looks like it’s about time we say good bye, but let us tell you something. First thing first, it is a pleasure to work with you and to find out on what you are interested in.


Most of the questions we answered were interesting. We were overjoyed to see so many different questions about different things, like school choices and life. So we will enter new projects like this, so we can have different experiences with many people.


We hope we can meet again in this type of projects, so we can keep in touch and answer to our different questions. Christmas holidays is coming too, and also, we are out of words. We wish you “Happy Holidays” and we hope we can talk again. See you all in other projects next year!


GTP team from Romania


Goodbye Messages DA6, Liceul Teoretic ”Nicolae Iorga”, Romania


  Hello GTP friends,

  First, we want to thank all of you for giving us an oportunity to know much more about your dreams and your ambition. We enjoyed very much being in this project and we'd like to participate at more projects with you. We had such a good time. Good-bye!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Best wishes,






Goodbye Messages DA7, SOEPTU”Kuzman Josifoski – Pitu”, Macedonia


Dear GTP friends,

We enjoyed very much being in this project and we'd like to paticipate at more project with you. For example we can participate togather in project in ERASMUS+. What do you think? 

We wish you Happy New 2015 Year and Happy Holidays and we hope we can talk again.


Best wishes to all of you,

GTP team from Prilep, Macedonia


Goodbye Messages DA8, Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine

Hello, dear GTP partners!

Thanks for your answers and possibility to cooperate together! Good bye!

Best wishes,

Ukrainian pupils.



Goodbye Messages DA9, Delfin Tini Netklub, Hungary


Dear Everyone, 

It's time to say goodbye.

Best wishes to all of you!








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